• For Future 6th Graders

    Welcome NEW Hendrick Band Members!

    In this page you will find information regarding being a member of the Hendrick Band! 

    Instrument placement meetings will take place on the morning of Saturday, March 18th.
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    "Meet The Band" Instrument Meetings 



    For Incoming Experienced Students

    Students coming from another school or district already enrolled in band should reach out to Mr. Jaime at edgar.jaime@pisd.edu with the following information:

    • Student name and grade level
    • Instrument
    • Previous school name and band director
    • if known, the band "level" in which the student participated (top band, 2nd band, beginner, etc)

    Most incoming students are initially placed in one of our non-varsity bands. During the first week of school the student will be heard by a band director in order to determine final band "level" placement. The student is encouraged to prepare and be ready to play as much of the following as he or she is able: 

    • The chromatic scale (as much as the student is able to play)
    • Major scales (as many as the student can play)
    • A short prepared musical selection that best shows the student's playing ability (past audition music, a portion of a solo, a line or lines from a method book, something the student worked on in private lessons, etc.)
    • Students may also be asked to sightread a brief musical selection
    If you would like to complete your placement audition in advance of the coming school year by submitting a recording or video then contact Mr. Jaime at the email address given above. We are looking forward to having you in our program!!