• PISD School Attendance Information

    Parent Note:

    A student has three days after an absence to turn in a note in order to receive an excused absence for permissible PISD absences. The note should include the student's name, ID number, reason, and date of absence.   A parent's signature must be on the note.  A parent call does not excuse the absence.  We must have a note on file.  

    Procedure for Student Early Release:

    Any time a student is required to ENTER or LEAVE school for any reason, he/she must sign in or out at the attendance office located at the front office.

    If your student is being picked up during the instructional time, please send a note with your student in the morning stating what time they will be picked up... The student should bring that note to the attendance office where they will receive a pass to meet you in the front office at the designated time. You are required to come into the school to sign out your student. Adhering to the attendance procedures helps keep interruptions in the classroom to a minimum. We appreciate your help in making this run smoothly.

    If the student has a Drive Permit and you want the student to leave early, a written note or email has to be sent early to the Attendance Clerk, parents' signature 

    *This is also a great time to confirm on your emergency form which individuals are eligible to pick up your student. A sibling is not eligible to pick up unless they are designated as an emergency contact. If you have an emergency and can’t come to pick up your student and someone is going to come, please made sure that this person is in the Emergency Contact. Or send me an email to inform me about the person who is going to pick the student. The emergency form can be updated at any time with new emergency contacts and numbers. Simply go to the parent portal - Student Registration and update the Emergency Contact section.


    Student Absence Request Form:



    ATTENDANCE POLICY: Regular attendance in school is essential for quality education. We encourage your student to be present every day. Excused absences include temporary absences resulting from personal illness or death in the family, weather, or road conditions making travel dangerous. Absences such as vacations and trips, babysitting, working, and non-school sponsored athletic events and programs shall be considered unexcused.

    In order for a student to make up and receive credit for work assigned during an unexcused absence, the student must submit one week in advance written notification of the planned absence to the principal. When no prior notification is given, the student shall receive a zero for all work assigned during the absence.

    If your Williams High School Student is going to be absent for more than 3 days, please fill out the "Student Absence Request" form, please utilize the attachment, and submit the form to our Attendance Clerk no later than one week before the requested date of the absence.

    Our Attendance Clerk is Nancy Vergel – email: nancy.vergel@pisd.edu 

    Phone: 469-752-8304