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     Hello students, parents, and Mendenhall family! My name is Ericka Pomponio and I am very privileged to teach the amazing artists of Mendenhall Elementary! This is my 6th year teaching Art. I grew up in north Texas in both Birdville ISD and Southlake Carroll ISD. I graduated from Carroll Senior High school in 2004. I attended college at the University of North Texas, where I earned a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies from the College of Fine Arts in 2010. I realized shortly after graduation that I had a passion for teaching and missed working creatively with fellow artists, which lead me to seek alternative certification to teach. After completing my alternative certification from ACT Dallas, I was very happily hired to teach at Mendenhall Elementary in the Fall of 2012.

    The Plano ISD art program provides a curriculum based on Discipline Based Art Education. The four disciplines of Art Production, Aesthetics, Art History, and Art Criticism come together to form art with meaning and purpose. The students learn how to think as they learn how to create. Students are engaged in activities where they see art of the highest quality, learn the elements and principles of design, and create works of their own based on the concepts taught.

    All elementary schools in Plano ISD provide elementary art. The students are instructed by Elementary Art Specialists and are provided opportunities to work with a variety of materials. The curriculum has been developed according to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. The elementary curriculum supports the Plano ISD Integrated Curriculum. It is my personal belief that the PISD Art program is truly one of the very best in the state and I am very lucky to contribute to its success!

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