• Campus Technology

  • We believe that technology is a tool. It is not an education itself, and it does not and should not take the place of a well trained professional teacher. It can, however, motivate students and enhance the curriculum, and bring to the fingertips of every student a storehouse of research and information which expands student learning and strengthens teaching.

    In addition to a sound background in traditional academics, today's students must be competent and confident in using a wide range of technology in a variety of settings. Today, and in the future, most career paths require the use of computers, robotics, and related technology. In short, students must be as comfortable using a computer or other technology as they would using a pencil and paper. Most importantly, students must have access to technology on a regular basis in their classroom environment so they can become proficient in using it in many ways. They must be encouraged and guided to use technology as a tool to access information and to efficiently develop dynamic, effective projects.

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Terrence Odom