• Art

  • The art classes at Carlisle are designed for children to experience a variety of media and techniques that are appropriate for their grade level. Emphasis is placed on building self esteem and confidence, so they can express their ideas in new ways.

    The arts program promotes higher level thinking skills and problem solving in everyday decision making. The arts are also a unique source of enjoyment, providing the joy of discovery when we see things in a new way. The arts are everywhere in our lives, adding depth and dimension to the environment we live in and shaping our experiences daily. We value the arts for themselves, and because we do, we believe knowing and practicing them is fundamental to the healthy development of our children's minds and spirits.

    Plano ISD Art Program Goals

    The art program is designed to help the student to:

    • Realize that each individual's ideas are of value because they are the tangible results of personal experience.
    • Produce and recognize the value of his/her own imaginative and inventive works of are while becoming aware of his artistic talent and its needs for further development
    • Progress students through a sequentially developed curriculum, moving from level to level in such a way that maximum growth is attained by building on prior learning.
    • Develop independent thinking by planning and executing his/her own ideas for truly creative expression instead of copy work.
    • Realize that creative art processes are a means of communication that extend beyond the limitations of the printed or spoken word.
    • Understand the characteristic, limitations, and possibilities of a great variety of materials, tools, equipment, and processes used in visual expression.
    • Develop an art vocabulary based on the elements and principles of design sufficient to communicate ideas about art.
    • Realize the many sources of creative ideas come from natural and man-made environments.
    • Realize that are is a means for emotional release and a worthwhile leisure time activity.
    • Use the elements and principles of design in evaluating and appreciating the aesthetic efforts of past and present artists and their cultural and historical influences on current times.
    • Become aware of opportunities in art careers through careful teacher nurturing.
    • Become aware of his/her responsibilities as a citizen to support cultural and environmental projects in a continuing effort to improve the quality of life.
    • Incorporate art perception, production, history, and criticism in a concept-based approach.
    • Incorporate concept-based art into other content areas.
Renee Miller