• Physical Education (PE)

  • Carlisle's Physical Education Program is designed to motivate students by providing activities in which students can experience success. The program is continuous in nature, so that the students will be involved in activities suitable for their grade level. The various activities strive to develop respect for authority, adherence to the rules of fair play, and a competitive spirit in the students.

    Field Day
    Carlisle Elementary School's Annual field day will be held sometime in May. This year's field day will follow the same format, "partner challenges", as last year's. A "partner challenge" field day fosters cooperation, skill development, decicion making, sportsmanship, and responsibility. In this type of field day format, students are paired with a partner for the day. There will be as many as 30 or more partner events and 5 or more group activities for the students to participate in.

    The activities for this year's field day all have a purpose. Most of the events reinforce a sports skill learned during the year. Some are life-long sports skills or games from another country. All events call for good sportsmanship and bring good competition. Partners are not scheduled to go to the partner events, but are given the freedom of choice to participate in the events of their choosing.

    The group activities planned for field day will be during scheduled time periods for each grade level. Each grade level will rotate by homerooms for these activities. When a grade level is not participating in group activities, they are participating in partner events.

    P.E. Goals

    • Have FUN!
    • Learn skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.
    • Be physically fit.
    • Participate regularly in physical activity.
    • Know the implications of, and the benefits from involvement from physical activities.
    • Learn to respect fellow students, teachers, and others.
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