• Carlisle Mentor Program

    The Carlisle Mentor Program has been in existence about sixteen years.

    It was designed to meet the social, emotional, or academic needs of a child through interaction with a mentor over lunch and a fun academic game.
    Mentors can be extremely effective sources of learning. Their roles can assist in numerous ways, including:

    • Providing a model of correct behavior for a student to emulate
    • Developing a positive belief in the benefits of education.
    • Clarifying values that lead to more positive attitudes.
    • Assisting in the development of short and long-term goals.
    • Providing consistency in chaotic situations.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How much time do voluteers spend mentoring a week?

    Most volunteers work one hour one day a week. Mentoring sessions are arranged with volunteers to fit the children's lunch schedule. This also allows volunteers to establish a continuing relationship with the student they are mentoring.

    How will volunteers know what to do?

    All volunteers attend an orientation session for information and training. They have access to guidance and help throughout the year to insure a successful experience for them and the students. School professionals will be available at all time if help is needed.

    I speak a foreign language. Would that be helpful?

    Absolutely! There are many non-English speaking students who need special help. Please let us know the languages you speak and we will place you appropriately.

    Am I expected to help with homework or provide tutoring?

    As you get to know your student, you may discover that there are academic areas your student may ask you to help him/her with. Please feel free to assist your student as the need arises.