• From the Nurse's Desk

    As always, please feel free to contact the school nurse if you have any questions or concerns.

    The following information answers frequently asked questions.

    Question: When may my child return to class from a common cold, any type of flu, or fever?

    Answer: When fever subsides and 24 hours being fever free without help of fever reducing medication.

    Question: What does a parent have to do if their child needs to take medication during the school day?

    Answer: Please follow the guidelines below when bringing medication to school:

    For student safety,**all medications should be brought to the clinic by the parent**. Medications are not provided by the school.
    All medication must be in its original, properly labeled container with a written request signed by the parent/guardian.
    Only medication that cannot be given at home will be given at school.
    Only a 30 day supply of medication will be accepted at a time.
    Medication that has expired or is not picked up by the parent will be destroyed.
    Authorized district employees may administer medication in the absence of the nurse.
    Aspirin or products containing aspirin will not be given without a physician order.

    Of course every Beverly Bobcat can keep healthy by making healthy choices. One excellent choice that helps tremendously is to always remember to... WASH YOUR PAWS!!!

Katie Dupree, RN