• Library


  • Mission

    The mission of the Beverly Library Media Center is to foster a love of literature and to motivate students to read independently for enjoyment and for information.

  • Goal

    The Beverly Library belongs to all of us – students, staff, and parents. We want everyone who visits the library to feel welcome, to find the perfect books to read, and to leave with smiles on their faces. It is our goal to build a community of lifelong readers!

  • Instructional Program Highlights

    Beginning in kindergarten, students learn how the library is organized and how to find fiction and nonfiction books. In first grade, students are introduced to the Internet Public Access Catalog for Beverly Elementary and to the electronic book feature of the catalog. They begin learning to search for information by keyword, title, and author. Second graders continue to develop their abilities to search for information in the catalog, and they are introduced to the research tools. In third, fourth, and fifth grades, students use the catalog independently to locate and access information. They learn more about the research tools at their disposal and how to determine which resources are most helpful in solving a variety of information problems.

  • Accelerated Reader

    • The Beverly library coordinates the school-wide Accelerated Reader Program (AR) at Beverly. AR is designed to motivate students to read for enjoyment and information on their independent reading levels. STAR, a standardized, computer-adaptive reading test, which is available for the second and third grade students, can be administered to students five times each year to determine their independent reading ranges. When students read on the appropriate independent levels, they are challenged, but not overwhelmed with difficult vocabulary and content. They are able to practice the reading skills taught in their classrooms and improve their comprehension and fluency.
    • Most of the books in our library have AR tests.  To check if a book has a test available and to find the reading level of a book go to www.arbookfinder.com
    • After students read AR books, they can take computerized tests to earn points. Test points are awarded for scores of 80% or greater. If a student scores below 80% on a test, he/she can review or reread the book and take the test again. Students may take tests on books they read independently or on books read to them by their parents or teachers.
    • When students in grades K – 5 earn ten points, their markers are placed on the AR wall. As they achieve higher point goals, their markers are moved to the next point levels on the wall. Each time their markers are moved, students receive certificates and reading awards to recognize their achievement. Students in kindergarten who earn 50 points, first graders who earn 100 points, and second graders who earn 150 points by the cut-off date for the current school year are invited to an AR celebration in May. Students in third grade who earn 200 points, fourth graders who earn 250 points, and fifth graders who earn 300 points by the cut-off date also celebrate their achievement in May.
    • Parents can access the parent portal at

      https://global-zone20.renaissance-go.com/studentprogress/homeconnect      t=221835

       to view their student’s progress in AR

  • Bluebonnet Award Program

    The Beverly Library sponsors the Bluebonnet Award Program, a state-wide reading program for students in third through sixth grades. Each year, public and school librarians nominate twenty books to be placed on the Bluebonnet list. The list includes picture books and chapter books in fiction and nonfiction genres. Students are introduced to the nominated books in the library in August. They have until late January to read and take AR tests on as many of the books as they choose to read. A chart for every class is maintained in the library. After reading a book and passing the AR test with a score of 80% or greater, the student notes that accomplishment on the class chart. Students who read at least five of the nominated books and score a minimum of 80% on the AR tests are eligible to vote for the book they enjoyed most. At the end of January, our students’ votes are submitted to the Texas Bluebonnet Award Committee to be counted and combined with the votes submitted by other Texas schools. The winning book is announced in February.

    This year, the Bluebonnet list at Beverly will include all twenty of the nominated books. Third graders who read ten books, fourth graders who read twelve books, and fifth graders who read fourteen books will be invited to attend the Bluebonnet Celebration in April. Students who read all twenty of the nominated books will receive special recognition at the celebration. Participating in the Bluebonnet Award Program is a wonderful opportunity for students to have a voice in children’s literature.

Mrs. Coursey