• "Continuing the Tradition of Excellence"

    by Dr. Patricia Stone

    One hundred years ago in a tiny Texas town,
    A seed that was planted took root in solid ground
    When a school was built in Plano on Avenue G
    To educate the children in that rural community.

    Still standing. Save there today so proud and tall
    A monument to the learning that echoed through its halls.
    That school marked the beginning of a tradition proud
    Plano ISD, we sing your praise aloud.

    Many new schools have been added to the fold
    Carrying on the tradition of excellence begun of old.
    Fifty-four in total—each one special and unique
    Designed to meet the needs of the student for whom they speak.

    We celebrate today the newest addition 
    To PISD’s proud and excellent tradition
    Beverly Elementary where children are the treasure
    Whose value and worth are beyond all measure.

    A school dedicated to meeting our student’s needs
    A school that makes it possible for all students to succeed.
    A school proud of its heritage and tradition
    Supported by the community as it carries out its mission.

    To be a caring, nurturing place where students thrive
    With academic excellence the goal for which we strive
    Parents and educators working side by side
    Will carry the PISD banner forward with honor and pride

    So that the second hundred years in Plano ISD
    Will be as successful as the first because of schools like Beverly.