Phone: 469-752-1943


Degrees and Certifications:

Jamie Tucker, Fourth Grade Teacher

College(s): Texas State University - San Marcos

Teaching History: This is my 8th year teaching - all in 2nd grade and all at Huffman!

Family: Dad, mom, step-dad, 5 siblings

Interests/Hobbies Outside of School: I like to read, travel, spend time with friends, and shop!

Why did you want to be a part of the IB PYP at Huffman? I wanted to be a part of the IB PYP at Huffman to help students explore, inquire, and be engaged in ideas not only that they are interested in, but are important in our world. I wanted to be a part of something that makes a big difference with our kids not only at school, but in their lives.

  • 2023-2024 4th Grade Schedule

    7:40 = School day starts!

    7:45-7:55 = Announcements

    7:55-8:05 = Morning Meeting

    8:05-8:35 = Inquiry into Reading

    8:35-9:35 = Guided Reading & Stations

    9:45-10:35 = AMP'd

    10:35-11:05 = Inquiry into Math

    11:05-11:55 = Math Stations/I&E - Math

    11:55-12:25 = Recess

    12:25-12:55 = Lunch

    12:55-1:45 = Transdisciplinary Learning

    1:45-2:25 = Mandarin/I&E - Reading

    2:25-2:45 = Transdisciplinary Learning

    2:55 = Dismissal