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Science Lab

Pet Patrol is so thankful for the generous families in our Hughston neighborhood.

Our science lab is home to Hughston's Pet Patrol. 5th grade students applied and were accepted into the program to come on assigned weeks to help care for the animals. Currently we have Boxey the land turtle, Roger the rabbit, Warby Parker and Rosie the hedgehogs, Gary the leopard gecko, King the guinea pig, Fang the ball python, Daisy the bearded dragon, Stormy the axolotl, Mac the Morrocan toad, Peach the dove, Baked Bean the crested gecko, 3 fire bellied toads, 2 musk water turtles, a hermit crab, land snails, a tarantula, a beta fish, and two goldfish. Younger students can use their stickers they earn to buy a pass for one morning in the science lab helping a fifth grader.

Younger students in all grades enjoy their time in the lab! Teachers are also able to take their classes back to the science lab to see animal features and habitats first hand. What a great learning experience for all Hughston students.

Here are some ways you can help support this program.

Kroger Gift Cards - These help provide different materials like vegetables for the animals' salads each day and distilled water for Roger, land snails, and the hermit crab.

Walmart Gift Cards - These help provide worms for Stormy the axolotl and replace other basic items like gloves and light bulbs, when needed.

Amazon Wish List - In talking with students, we looked up different items to add to animal habitats, as well as some items we use every day in the lab (wipes, paper towels, gloves)

Our Pet Patrol Amazon Wish List is below

Pet Patrol Amazon List