• Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones

  • Synonyms

    1. Charlotte's Web:   -    Pick the Perfect Word Click Test Your Skills, then Synonym Soup
    2. Synonyms - Bigbots  -    Click the word and pull the green knob to control the launcher.
    3. Power Words  -    Help Word Girl find the correct synonym to overcome the bad guy!
    4. Synonym Toast  -    Help Word Girl and Captain Huggy Face save the world by finding all the synonyms.


    1. Antonym Challenge  -    How quickly can you find the antonym?
    2. Antonym Jeopardy  -    Type the word with the opposite meaning to score!
    3. Antonyms #1   -    27 levels to challenge your knowledge of antonyms
    4. Adjective Antonyms  -    How well do you know your adjective antonyms? Find out here!
    5. Opposites Attract   -    Concentration-style game with three different levels.

    If you play this game from home, you will need to use the PISD "Research Tools" login. Ask your librarian for the User Name & Password.


    1. Robo Bee   -    Help the Bee fly to the correct antonym/synonym/etc.
    2. Homophone Quiz #1
    3. Homophone Super Match