• Frequently Asked Questions

  • When did Huffman Elementary become an IB World School?

    Huffman Elementary was authorized to become the IB World School at Huffman Elementary in June 2019.

  • What is an IB PYP education?

    The International Baccalaureate program focuses on developing open-minded, well-rounded students who approach their learning with confidence and apply their knowledge in real world, complex situations.  The Primary Years Program is designed for elementary-aged students and focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world around them.   It is a framework guided by six globally significant transdisciplinary themes connected to our state standards and subject areas. Watch the video below and visit the IBO website to learn more about IB PYP education

  • What does transdisciplinary mean?

    Transdisciplinary is the word that IB uses to describe a discipline that applies across all disciplines and extends beyond the classroom connecting to each students’ life—it is interconnected and can be applied across all subjects  A transdisciplinary concept stretches across math, science, English language arts, social studies, the arts, personal, social, physical education, and ties it all together; it is not isolated to one subject. For example, the idea of change affects math, science, ELA, social studies, the arts, personal, social, and physical education. The IB PYP strives to demonstrate this through learning, giving understanding to a real-life world. Read more about how PYP works on the IBO website, and watch this video on PYP in an early year setting. 

  • Is there tuition at the IB World School at Huffman Elementary?

    No. Huffman is a public school that is part of the Plano Independent School District.

  • What is the IB Learner Profile?

    • The Learner Profile is made up of qualities, values and character traits determined to be most important in creating positive and productive citizens of the world.  This set of aspirational qualities is encouraged and recognized every both in and out of each classroom in the building. We want students to adopt the language and exhibit them in their daily life.   Our IB scholars strive to be Inquirers, Thinkers, Communicators, Risk Takers, Knowledgeable, Principled, Caring, Open-Minded, Balanced, and Reflective. Learn more about each Learner Profile attribute.

  • What is the registration process for the IB World School at Huffman Elementary?

    Any student that lives within the Plano ISD attendance zone is eligible for registration.  The registration process begins in December with several opportunites for parent information sessions.  The registration opens on October 31 and runs through November 17.  Parents are notified of acceptance the third week in November.   All applications are completed online and can be accessed through the Huffman website and the Academies website at pisd.edu.  Students will be selected through a lottery process. 

    If you live in the Huffman attendance zone you do not have to go through the registration process. Visit the Plano ISD website for more information about regular PISD registration.

    If your child is entering Pre-kindergarten, you will not register through this site. Visit the district's early childhood site at pisd.edu/earlychildhood.  

  • May I take a tour of the campus?

    We will be having an information meeting and tour on November 6,2023 at 6:00 PM. If you would like a tour outside of that date, contact the IB PYP Coordinator for more information at callie.anthony@pisd.edu

  • Does the IB World School at Huffman Elementary have a PTA?

    Yes.  There is a very active PTA that is always looking for members and/or volunteers.  PTA also offers after school programs such as chess, basketball, etc.  For additional questions, contact the PTA president, Jenna Maynard, or visit PTA website.

  • What types of programs are offered at the IB World School at Huffman Elementary?

    Programs offered at every Plano ISD elementary school are offered at Huffman, including Special Education, ESL and At Huffman, every scholar participates in World Language, Chinese Mandarin. Students not only learn how to speak, read, and write in Mandarin, but they also learn about Chinese culture. This exposure to language and culture is designed to broaden students understanding of the world beyond the one they know.

  • Why was Chinese Mandarin selected as the world language?

    The purpose of the world language study is not only to learn a language but to broaden students’ understanding of the wide variety of language and cultures practiced by people all over the world. Mandarin is the largest of the Chinese dialect groups and is commonly used in the field of international business.  

  • Is transportation provided?

    Students in the Renner and Frankford Middle School feeder patterns will have busing available from their home campus.  

  • What state and district assessments do IB World School at Huffman Elementary students take?

    Students take the same district and state assessments that all Plano ISD elementary students take, including MAP and STAAR.

  • Who participates in the IB World School at Huffman Elementary?

    All enrolled students participate in the IB program and are PYP scholars.  

  • How do you compare Plano ISD elementary curriculum to the IB PYP curriculum?

    Plano ISD has a standard of offering a very rich curriculum.  The PYP is grounded in the same state standards as all elementary schools but has a transdisciplinary framework that integrates subject areas. See a comparison of the Plano and PYP curriculum

  • Does Plano ISD offer a Middle Years Program (MYP) for students to continue in Middle School?

    At this time, there is not an MYP for Plano ISD students.  However, the PYP is a program that can stand alone without the need for students to continue to a MYP.  In addition, although Mandarin is offered at the IB Candidate School at Huffman Elementary, none of the Plano ISD middle schools offer Mandarin as a foreign language.  As is district practice, Plano ISD will continue to evaluate the need for additional IB programs and make further decisions accordingly.

  • Do I have to reapply for a transfer each year?

    Once your application is accepted, your registration is honored through fifth grade.  This does not transfer over to the middle school feeder.