AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

  • What is AVID?

    A.V.I.D. (Advancement Via Individual Determination) School-wide is about surrounding students with an environment that supports and promotes their academic, emotional, and social growth. At the heart of AVID School-wide is creating an environment that aligns instruction, systems, leadership, and culture, and with the student's best interest at the core. Hickey is proud to be an AVID school.

    Hickey Students Will Accomplish…

    • SMART Goals –SMART goal setting and set academic/personal goals.
    • Organization –The use of organizational tools for success. Binders, agendas, folders, backpacks, pencil pouches, etc. They will also use self-monitoring strategies like keeping track of their grades and assignments.
    • Focused Note-Taking – Students will become proficient in taking 2- and 3-column notes in all subject areas in grades 3-5.
    • College and Career Awareness – Students will learn the importance of a college education and career readiness.
    • Collaboration – Students will use various collaborative structures, including the use of scholarly language when working in groups.

    Why AVID?

    AVID elementary students teach us about the benefits of the AVID program in their personal studies and career goals.
    "People like me don't go to college." "Nobody's ever gonna convince me that I am going to be somebody someday"... There are students out there who once believed these statements and felt there was nothing they could do. Learn the difference AVID can make. AVID is here for you and can help you get to college and be who you want.

    Visit us at AVID.org or contact us at AVIDCare@avid.org

What is AVID?

  • We start with why. Why are we so committed to student success and why are we so successful?

  • AVID at Home
    AVID at Home
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