• Fifth Grade

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  • Integrated Curriculum

    The fifth grade curriculum is fun, interesting, and integrated. Social studies, science, and health concepts are blended into the integrated curriculum while reading and writing strategies are taught. Fifth grade students will study the following concepts in these six organizing ideas:

    1. Communications - The Ins and Outs of Communication - Students will be introduced to communication from a geographic and a scientific perspective.
    2. Interactions - How the Parts Interact to Make a Whole - Students will learn the relationship of the parts to the whole as it relates to the building of our nation.
    3. Systems - In Sync With Systems - Students will investigate man-made and natural systems. They will study Colonial America and the forming of our nation's government and explore the solar system.
    4. Balance and Stability - It's a Balancing Act - The students will explore the concept of balance and stability as it applies to the areas of body systems and the period of our history from 1800 to the 1870's.
    5. Continuity and Change - Continuity and Change - The students will focus on the concepts of variables and how they cause change to occur. They will identify various types of variables and use them in Math, Science, and History.
    6. Diversity - Strength in Diversity - The students conclude with a study designed to increase student awareness of the diversity in our world. They will study the diversity of our leaders, issues that have faced our country, and the diverse energy resources available in our country for the production of electricity.

    The Collin County Adventure Camp is always a memorable experience for our fifth graders. The great outdoors provides a unique classroom for teaching science and environmental concepts.

  • Math

    Math is skill grouped to maximize success for all students. Math classes and groups are flexible based on student need. The following math concepts are studied in fifth grade:

    • Problem Solving
    • Operations
    • Fractions
    • Place Value - Whole Numbers and Decimals
    • Measurement - Customary and Metrics
    • Geometry

    Technology provides many interactive learning opportunities for fifth grade students. Computers, calculators, laser printers, laserdisk and videotape players, CD-Rom drives, numerous software titles, and access to the internet are available to our students to enhance our integrated curriculum.