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Degrees and Certifications:

Adobe Certified in (After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop). BA in [Major] Digital Media (CGI Animation)[Minor] Kinesiology. TEA Certified in (Technology Education) and (Technology Applications)

DON KiNG 🌟🛸👑🌠✨

- Technology Education / FLL & FTC Robotics / 7th/8th Grade Athletics -

- [1st] Athletics (Football, Basketball,Track, and Cross Country) 7:05am - 9:13am

[2nd] Gateway to Technology (PLTW) 9:17am - 10:06am 

- [3rd] Audio, Visual Arts, and Communication (AVAC) 10:10am - 10:58am

- [4th] Fund. of Comp Science (FOCS) 11:02am - 11:50am

- [5th] Exploration Information and Career Technologies (ICT) 12:24am - 1:12pm

- [6th] Advisory (Study Hall) 1:16pm - 1:46pm

- [7th] Exploration Information and Career Technologies (ICT) 1:50pm - 2:38pm

- [8th] OOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!! Period (#MeTime)

***All tutorial appointments should be made via email, phone, or Google Classroom.***
🤖 [FLLFTC] Meet Times: TBA
Yearbook Advisor📚 [2018-2019] [2019-2020] [2020-2021]