Degrees and Certifications:

Todd Anderson

This is my fourth year teaching in PISD. I am passionate about art and happy for the opportunity to teach it here at Wilson. I enjoy creating all things art, especially photography. When I’m not doing that, I love spending time with my kids and being outdoors. I am looking forward to helping my students find something they are passionate about this year.

  • - 1st: Art 3 Advanced {8:25am - 9:12am}

    - 2nd: Art 1 Intro 7th & 8th {9:16am - 10:04am}

    - 3rd: Art 2: 2D {10:08am - 10:55am}

    - 4th: Art 1 Intro 6th {10:59am - 11:46am}

    - 5th: Art 1 Intro 6th {11:50am - 12:37pm}

    - 6th: Planning Time {1:11pm - 1:58pm}

    - 7th: Art 1 Intro 7th & 8th {2:02pm - 2:49pm}  

    - 8th: Art 1 Intro 7th & 8th  {2:53pm - 3:40pm}