• Academy High School

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    The Academy High School is a four-year, project based learning, multi-disciplinary, standards-based program focusing on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). For the 2021-22 school year, the Academy High School is serving 410 students.


    • Plano ISD Academy High School: 1701 Alma Drive, Plano, TX  75075
    • Transportation is provided to all of the academies via shuttle from the student's home campus.

    Grade Levels Served

    • Ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades
    • Students apply in their eighth grade year

    The project/problem-based learning community of Plano ISD Academy High School emphasizes science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). Learning focuses on real-world experiences and problems with an interdisciplinary curriculum as students collaborate with others both inside and outside of school.  website | video 

    Why Us?

    Learners who are able to complete learning evidence independently, are ready to collaborate as a foundation for project completion, and have an appreciation for the holistic nature of learning are good candidates for AHS. AHS learners are curious and always interested in going beyond the learning given by the facilitator.

  • Health Sciences Academy

    Health Sciences Academy Logo    Health Sciences Academy Title

    The Health Sciences Academy is a four-year program in partnership with Collin College. For the 2021-22 school year, the Health Sciences Academy is serving 301 students.


    • For ninth and tenth grades: Williams High School, 1717 17th Street, Plano, Texas 75074
    • For eleventh and twelfth grades: Plano East Senior High School, 3000 Los Rios, Plano, TX 75074
    • Transportation is provided to all of the academies via shuttle from the student's home campus

    Grade Levels Served

    • Ninth and tenth grades
    • Students apply in their eighth grade year

    The Plano ISD Health Sciences Academy offers a rigorous academic program that prepares students for the demands of a four-year university or pre-med program. Opportunities include college credit, technical certificates, hands-on experience and mentorship from healthcare professionals. website | video 

    Why Us?

    Health Science Academy students have the opportunity to take dual credit courses, earn Industry based certifications and experience hands-on patient care.  There is also the opportunity to earn their Associates of Applied Science degree from Collin College by high school graduation. 

  • IB World School

    IB World School Title

    Four year advanced academics academy housed within Plano East Senior High School. The first two years are preparatory – the IB Diploma Programme begins in grade 11.

    For the 2021-22 school year, the IB World School at Plano East is serving 630 students.


    • Plano East Senior High, 3000 Los Rios, Plano, TX 75074
    • Transportaion is provided to all of the academies via shuttle from the student's home campus

    Grade Levels Served

    • Ninth through twelfth grades
    • Students apply in their eighth, ninth or tenth grade years

    The IB World School at Plano East Senior High creates a fulfilling four-year experience for students interested in understanding the world from different perspectives. This school-within-a-school program strengthens the experience of students who choose to participate in the IB Diploma program. website | video

    Why Us?

    The IB Diploma Programme creates a smaller, close-knit community within Plano East. The majority of our graduates begin in ninth grade and create lasting friendships through IB.

    Our students crave the extra challenge of earning an international diploma in addition to a Texas diploma and are inspired to be part of a values-based program.

  • Industries Academy

    Collin College & Plano ISD Industries Academy Combined Logo

    The Industries Academy is a two-year workforce dual Plano credit program at the Collin College Technical Campus. For the 2021-22 school year, the Industries Academy enrollment varies based on seat allocations from Collin College.


    • Collin College Technical Campus, 2550 Bending Branch Way, Allen, TX 75013
    • Transportation is provided to all of the academies via shuttle from the student's home campus

    Grade Levels Served

    • Eleventh and twelfth grades
    • Students apply in their tenth grade year.

    Plano ISD, in partnership with Collin College, offers a variety of workforce dual credit instruction focusing on high-demand and high-wage career fields. This two-year program begins junior year of high school and continues through senior year of high school, providing students with career-specific training and industry certifications. website | video

    Why Us?

    Industries Academy students have a unique opportunity to earn workforce dual credit while also obtaining skills, training, certifications, and more in relevant high-demand, high-wage career fields.  Upon high school graduation, students can either continue to pursue degrees from 2 or 4 year universities or seek employment in their selected career field.

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