• Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the two-way dual language immersion program?

    Two-way dual language immersion is a bilingual/biliteracy program model in which students identified as English learners are integrated with students proficient in English. Students are served in both English and another language (Spanish). The goal of the two-way dual language immersion program is for participants to attain full proficiency in Spanish as well as English. This model provides ongoing instruction in literacy and academic content in English and Spanish with at least half of the instruction delivered in Spanish for the duration of the program.

    In a two-way dual language immersion program, language learning takes place primarily through content instruction. Academic subjects are taught to all students through both Spanish and English. As students and teachers work together to perform academic tasks, the students' language abilities are developed, along with their knowledge of content area subject matter.

  • What school(s) will have the two-way dual language immersion program?

    2024-2025 School Year:

    • Daffron Elementary
      • PreKindergarten
      • Kindergarten
    • Huffman Elementary
      • PreKindergarten

  • How is this program different from the traditional “bilingual” programs in the district? Why is this model successful?

    Two-way dual language immersion programs are not traditional bilingual programs. In traditional bilingual programs language minority students are given an educational boost by using their primary language to support the transition into English for one to three years. This program is considered an additive approach, where our English Learners acquire English while continually developing academic Spanish. 

    Two-way dual language immersion  programs are a research-based method of providing an effective model of instruction with proven high academic achievement. Additional benefits of two-way dual language immersion programs include development of bilingual and biliterate skills as well as appreciation of people from different cultures. As our educational system strives to educate all students to high standards; two-way dual language programs offer great promise for the future.

  • Can my child enter a two-way dual language immersion program after kindergarten?

    Students who are English proficient will not be able to enter the two-way dual language immersion program after kindergarten unless they are coming from another district and participated in that district's two-way dual language immersion program and space is available in our program. Spanish speaking English learners who qualify for the two-way dual language immersion program can enter at any time during the elementary school years if space is available in our program. 

  • Will my child still be enrolled on their home campus?

    If your child is accepted into the two-way dual language immersion program they will be enrolled at the campus where the program is implemented. 

  • Will students in the two-way dual language immersion program be required to take the same assessments as students in other Plano ISD schools?

    Students attending the two-way dual language immersion program will follow the same calendar for local, state, and national assessments as appropriate for the grade level.

  • Will students receiving Special education services and/or students served through section 504 be able to participate in the two-way dual language immersion program?

    Yes, however, when applicable, the ARD and/or Section 504 committees may also recommend appropriate school or program placements. 

  • Will PACE services be offered to students in the two-way dual language immersion program?

    Students who are identified and receive PACE services will receive gifted services in the two-way dual language immersion program.

  • Is this program a fit for my child, our family?

    Parents must carefully consider if the two-way dual language immersion program is a fit for their family as it is a commitment through 5th grade. For children to gain academic success and language proficiency, families must be willing and able to commit to this program. Because these programs typically have only one or two classes per grade level, your child will work with the same classmates throughout his/her elementary education. 

  • How will I help my child with homework if I do not speak Spanish?

    By providing students with a strong foundation in their first language, parents are helping to lay the groundwork for strong second language skills. Parents can support literacy skills as well as content knowledge in the child’s first language by reading together and learning about the topics the child is learning in school. 

    Parents can provide the right environment and tools to get homework done (e.g., a quiet space and enough time, paper, dictionaries in both languages, writing utensils, and art supplies such as construction paper, paste, tape, and colored makers). Parents can also ask questions about the homework in the language spoken at home, thus giving the students opportunities to explain the assignment in their first language.

  • If I am interested in finding out more, what should I do next or whom should I contact?

    Information about two-way dual language will be provided during the enrollment period and updated on the website. If you have immediate questions please contact Talle Gomez, Executive Director of Multilingual Services, at talle.gomez@pisd.edu

  • How can students learn when they are instructed in a language they don’t yet understand?

    Our two-way dual language immersion program teachers are trained in methods that support language acquisition, including visual aids, handouts, body movements, and facial expressions, to convey meaning and context. Two-way dual language immersion program teachers also utilize strategies such as modeling, scaffolding, and checks for understanding to build student skills and confidence in the language of instruction.

  • Do students follow the state and district curriculum standards in two-way dual language immersion programs?

    Yes, students in our two-way dual language immersion program are taught using the TEKS and the Plano ISD scope and sequence. The target language is not a subject; it is the language in which instruction is delivered.

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