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    Choir at Armstrong Middle School

  • The Armstrong Middle School Choir exists in a number of capacities within the overall school environment. As a curricular course in the State of Texas, choir is an elective class with defined instructional objectives for the individual student. As a campus organization, the choir enhances the aesthetic quality of life for all students and promotes school spirit and pride. As a part of the overall choir program, the Armstrong Choir is the first part of a seven year journey culminating in membership of the Plano East Senior High Panther Choir Program.

    In serving these multiple roles, there are several key goals for student success. In the Armstrong Middle School Choir, students should:

    ♫ Perform proficiently individually and as a member of an ensemble
    ♫ Develop the ability to understand and evaluate musical performances as an informed listener.
    ♫ Develop an understanding of our musical heritage and recognize the importance of music in our culture.
    ♫ Develop self-confidence and self-discipline by working as a team member.
    ♫ Build citizenship traits through mutually respectful relationships with teachers and peers.
    ♫ Build a framework for the lifelong appreciation of music.

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