Office Staff

  • Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    State law and district policy authorize schools to require visitors to present government issued photo identification upon entering a campus. Plano lSD asks that all visitors be ready to present identification when coming onto a campus so to assist us with the safety and security mission of the district.

    Classroom Interruptions:
    Students’ school days should not be interrupted needlessly. Therefore, the district suggests the following guidelines:

    • If students must leave school during school hours, a note from the parent or legal guardian must be sent to the office. The note should state the time the student will be picked up. Approval from the office is necessary before a teacher may allow a student to leave class. Anyone who picks a student up during the day may be asked for identification. Students must come to the office to meet the adult who is signing the student out.
    • Anyone who wishes to contact the student or teachers must come to the office. A request for a parent and/or others to visit a classroom must be approved by the teacher and the principal. Parents must leave forgotten lunches, homework, money or supplies in the office. The school staff will see that the student receives these items. Birthday treats will also be taken to the classroom during the school day by our office staff.
    • The school staff will deliver only EMERGENCY telephone messages. After-school plans must be made ahead of time. If parents change a student’s after-school arrangements, they should send a signed written notice to the school office. (If the school does not have a written note, the student will follow the usual routine.)
    • Floral arrangements, singing telegrams, balloons, etc. will not be delivered to students during the school day.
    • If parents wish to speak to their child’s teacher during the day, they should call the school office and/or teacher’s voice mail. The teacher will return the call as soon as possible. Parents delivering students to school are asked not to use class time to discuss their child or visit with the teacher.
  • Office Staff

M'Cheyl Herrera
Principal Elementary


Amanda Hudson
Assistant Principal Elementary
Campus Behavior Specialist
Assistant Principal


Emmy Lou Harris
Office Manager Campus
Office Manager


Diana Ruiz
Secretary Campus Elementary


Jenni Broussard
Counselor Elementary