• Third Grade Policies

    Third Grade Policies

    Planners: Beginning the first week of school, students will have planners signed each evening by a parent/guardian. Each teacher will check for parent signature each morning. Students will receive a "Bronco Ticket" for parent signatures on planners.

    Homework Policy: It is expected that all students will:

    • Read at least 100 minutes each week
    • Spend 10 minutes practicing math facts each evening
    • Spend 10 minutes studying the week's Spelling words

    Additional extra practice may be determined to be necessary by your child's teacher. Please check planners NIGHTLY to ensure your child has completed all homework.

    Reading: Students are required to read at least 100 minutes a week.

    Citizenship: Students are expected to be kind, considerate and respectful toward each other and school staff. Students are expected to behave in an age-appropriate manner and practice the 3 R's by being Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn. We feel strongly that positive reinforcement and natural consequences are more beneficial than punitive measures. Every effort will be made to recognize students who demonstrate the citizen/character traits promoted by PISD. A poster depicting these traits hangs in every classroom. The number of signatures per nine weeks on the Communication Card determines the Citizenship grade for each child: 0 - 4 E, 5 - 9 S, 10 - 14 N and 15+ U. Please check with your child's teacher if you have any questions.

    Communication Card: Each student has a communication card. Your child's teacher will use this card to communicate with you weekly. You will be able to see each week if anything has occurred in the classroom to impact your student's citizenship or work habits grade. We will be adding positive comments to each student's card at the end of each week and encourage you to do the same in the comments section.

  • Language Arts Curriculum

    Language Arts Curriculum

    The Language Arts program incorporates writing, listening, and speaking with reading activities. Students gain knowledge through shared, independent, and guided reading while reading high quality literature.

    Daily oral language and writing workshop strengthen students' writing skills. Students improve their writing skills through narrative, letter writing, and explanatory writing. Capitalization and punctuation, spelling, and grammar are emphasized in all areas of the curriculum.

  • Mathematics Curriculum

    Mathematics Curriculum

    The third grade mathematics program places great emphasis on the understanding of mathematical concepts, thinking, and reasoning skills. Hands-on learning activities are a top priority using manipulatives, computers, and mathematical games. The importance of mathematics in students' daily lives is emphasized throughout the units. Specific objectives are:

    • Problem solving
    • Patterns, relations, and function
    • Number and numeration concepts
    • Operations and computation
    • Measurement
    • Geometry
    • Probability, statistics, and graphing
    • Integrated Curriculum

  • Integrated Curriculum

    Integrated Curriculum

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