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  • During the school year we will have the pleasure of observing many changes in your child. Some of these changes will be a result of natural growth as motor coordination develops and improves. Others will grow out of home training and concern. Many changes will be a direct result of experiences at school. We at school are aware of our responsibility to you and to your child. For this reason, we would like to share with you our general goals for your child’s education.

    We are interested in providing a smooth and pleasant transition from home to school. We hope to make your child feel secure within the class and guide them in understanding the importance of each individual in the classroom. We want to encourage the growth of good social habits, such as courtesy, self-control, and consideration for others. We wish to extend your child ’s world by providing opportunities for solving problems, making decisions, expressing opinions, and forming conclusions. These general skills are developed through specific skills, such as recognizing size-and-shape relationships, understanding number ideas, and comparing letter shapes. Through observation and direct experience we are encouraging your child to learn more about the natural world- plants, animals, and the earth itself.

    These are just a few examples of the many learning opportunities that we provide for our Carlisle students! As your child grows and develops, he or she will see that Kindergarten is fun, learning is exciting and challenging and that life is full of many opportunities!

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