• Fifth Grade

  • Welcome to Fifth Grade! This is such an exciting year in your child’s life, and we are pleased and privileged to be sharing this special time with you. Fifth Grade is a year of growth, emotional and intellectual, as well as physical. As your child completes this last year at Carlisle and prepares for the challenges of middle school, the increased maturity is remarkable.

    To facilitate this year of maturity, in Fifth Grade our focus is on academic achievement, personal responsibility, making good decisions and problem solving, completing and turning in assignments on time, and taking pride in a task completed and for which best effort has been given. We also focus on kindness and consideration towards others. There are many opportunities in Fifth Grade for cooperative and collaborative learning projects. Working in a group towards a common goal gives your child an idea of what it is like to function in the real world and calls for understanding of others as well as themselves.

    Our expectations for your child are high both academically and behaviorally. It is our belief that our students will rise to the challenges that are set before them and take pride in their accomplishments and their growth. It is our goal to achieve this and have some fun along the way. While we do work hard in Fifth Grade, there are many memorable and enjoyable experiences.

    With increased responsibility comes increased privilege. All Fifth Graders have the opportunity to shine as our school leaders. They serve as role models for our younger students, and as Carlisle Care helpers (formerly known as S.T.O.P.) in service to our school. Fifth Graders also develop an awareness of the community outside our school as we support worthy causes, travel to Collin County Adventure Camp, and look for other service opportunities both in and out of school which promote the lifelong trait of responsible citizenship.

    Fifth Graders love being Fifth Graders! We love having them with us for this important year. To achieve our goals and make this a wonderful school year for your child, we wish to work in partnership with you. Working together will allow us to enhance your child’s success. Please do not hesitate to communicate with us. We value and appreciate you input. Once again, welcome to Fifth Grade. We are so happy to be working with your child and you this year.

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Julie Barlow
5th Grade
Megan Butts
5th Grade
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5th Grade
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5th Grade