• Commonly Used Special Education Acronyms

    Special Education seems to have a language of its own. Educators often use many of these words in conversations with parents, so, as a parent, please ask for clarification or an explanation of the meaning.  Teachers, speech/language pathologists,  principals, etc. will be more than happy to do so.  As an equal partner in planning, parents must be comfortable with and understand the information they are seeing and/or reading. We welcome your questions!

    ARD -  Admission, Review, and Dismissal

    AT - Assistive Technology

    BIP - Behavior Intervention Plan

    CMIT - Campus Management Intervention Team

    ECI - Early Childhood/Infant Programs or Early Childhood Intervention

    ESY - Extended School Year

    FAPE - Free and Appropriate Public Education

    FBA- Functional Behavior Assessment

    FERPA- Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act

    FIE - Full Individual Evaluation

    IDEA - Individual with Disabilities Education Act (PL 94-142)

    IEE - Independent Educational Evaluation

    IEP - Individual Education Plan

    LEA - Local Educational Agency

    LRE - Least Restrictive Environment

    LSSP - Licensed Specialist in School Psychology

    PLAAFP - Present Levels of Academic Achievement & Functional Performance

    PPCD - Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities

    RTI - Response to Intervention

    SBOE - State Board of Education

    SLP- Speech Language Pathologist

    TEA - Texas Education Agency

    TEKS - Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills