Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for

    Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

    The study of world languages is an essential part of education. In the 21st-century language classroom, students gain an understanding of two basic aspects of human existence: the nature of communication and the complexity of culture. Students become aware of multiple perspectives and means of expression, which lead to an appreciation of difference and diversity. Further benefits of foreign language study include stronger cognitive development, increased creativity, and divergent thinking. Students who effectively communicate in more than one language, with an appropriate understanding of cultural context, are globally literate and possess the attributes of successful participants in the world community.

    Communication is the overarching goal of world language instruction. Students should be provided ample opportunities to engage in conversations, to present information to an audience, and to interpret culturally authentic materials in the language of study. The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) identifies three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational.

    For information on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Languages Other Than English, please visit TEA's website.  


  • LOTE Instructional Resources
    The languages listed below have adopted instructional materials for their corresponding Plano ISD LOTE Courses:

  • American Sign Language

    American Sign Language I and II
    Signing Naturally (Dawn Sign Press)

    American Sign Language III
    Building ASL Interpretive and Translation Skills (Pearson)

  • Chinese

    Chinese I, II, III Honors, and IV AP
    Encounters (Yale University Press)

    Chinese IV AP
    Jia You (Cengage)

  • French

    French I and II
    Bien Dit (HMH)

    French III Honors
    Imaginez (Vista)

    French IV AP
    APrenons (Wayside)

  • German

    German I, II, and III Honors
    Mosaik (Vista)

    German IV AP
    Denk Mal (Vista)

  • Spanish

    Spanish I, II, III, III Honors
    EntreCulturas (Wayside)

    Spanish III Honors MS 
    Tejidos (Wayside)

    Spanish IV
    Tejidos and EntreCulturas (Wayside)

    Spanish IV AP
    Abriendo Paso: Temas y Lecturas (Pearson) and Temas (Vista)

    Spanish V AP
    Azulejo (Wayside)