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  • What is AVID? It's a system to prepare students in the academic middle for four-year college readiness. These are students who are capable of completing a college-prep curriculum. AVID is an elective class, which supports students as they tackle the most rigorous classes. AVID's teaching strategies, curriculum and training are used not only in the AVID elective class, but by subject area teachers schoolwide.

    AVID Curriculum: The curriculum is based on writing as a tool of learning, the inquiry method, collaborative grouping, and academic reading. Also, twice a week within the AVID class, tutors work with our AVID students in tutorial study groups. Students bring questions to tutorials, and the tutors help facilitate the group so that students grasp the concept and are more successful in their rigorous classes. AVID students are required to keep an organized binder/agenda and are graded on their organizational skills each week. The students are also taught the Cornell System of note-taking and develop this skill as they take notes in the AVID class, as well as their CORE academic classes each week. The key components of AVID are academic instruction, tutorial support, motivational activities, study skills/organization, and college/career readiness.

    AVID Excel: 
    AVID Excel is a part of AVID's English Learner College Readiness (ELCR) program that gives middle school English language learner (ELL) students the support they need to succeed in advanced high school coursework. AVID Excel helps speed up the growth of students' academic language skills to prevent them from continuing on the route to long-term ELL (L-TEL) status.


    AVID Staff:

    Leslie Nichols- AVID Excel

    Lubie Gonzales- AVID 6, 7, 8

Alexandria Jackson
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