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Foreign Language
Soumeya Lehachi
Foreign Language
  • Introductory Spanish 7 (7th Grade)

    This is a full year course followed by Intermediate Spanish in the 8th grade year. Students who take the introductory course followed by the intermediate course and are successful both years will receive one high school credit in foreign language. Introductory Spanish is the same course as first semester Spanish at the high school level, covering the same material. Since, at the 7th grade level, a full year is spent on a semester's work at the high school level; the students in this course will receive a good foundation in the language. This is an academic course that requires nightly study. (Please note that students who have difficulty with reading English can be academically challenged in this course.)

    Intermediate Spanish 8 (8th Grade)

    Prerequisite: Introductory Spanish 7 The student who successfully completes a full year of Introductory Spanish (7th grade) and a full year of Intermediate Spanish (8th grade) will be awarded one high school credit in foreign language. This credit will count toward graduation. The course and grade will be recorded on the student's achievement record and grade points will be counted toward rank in class.

    Spanish 3 Honors Pre-A.P. (7th Grade)

    Prerequisite: Must pass placement test This course is designed for Spanish speaking students that have passed a placement test. Upon completion of the course, students will receive three high school credits.

    Spanish 4 Advanced Placement (8th Grade)

    Prerequisite: Must have completed Spanish 3 Honors Pre-A.P. This course covers the equivalent of a third year college level course. Focus is on refining grammar skills for accuracy, expanding on interpersonal and presentational skills, and developing writing and speaking skills in both formal and informal contexts. Authentic sources are used in the classroom, and the class is taught entirely in Spanish. Upon completion, students will receive four high school credits and if they pass the A.P. college board exam they might receive up to 19 college credits depending on the college or university.

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