Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sherri Callahan

Ms. Sherri Callahan,  Special Education Teacher 

Years in Education :  This will be my tenth year as a special education teacher and I still love it every single day ! 

Family :  I have 19-year-old twins that are the light of my life.  They graduated PISD in 2022 and are working full time and will be going to school. Vincent is interested in real-estate and Mariska will be working on a degree in environmental science.  We have a crazy dog named Mabel. We also have two cats. Glenda who is 18 years old. And Pattermerro, a kitten that we rescued at 4 weeks old, was stuck under the deck and it took the fire department to help save him!  We all love to laugh and enjoy life every day.

Interests / Hobbies : I love to write, read and watch Netflix. Documentaries are my favorite.  I am a grad student at A&M Commerce and love learning new things!   I love to help people, making sure that they are cared for and happy. 

Interesting Facts about me :  I was born in Boston and am a Super Fan of the Boston Bruins.  I was teacher of the year for my previous campus for 2022-2023 year.  And I have this crazy passion for whales. They make my heart happy.