Mrs. Kinnari Bhakta

Phone: 469-752-4437


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Arts in Liberal Arts-UC Riverside Master's in Elementary Education-Texas A&M Certifications: Elementary Education, PACE (Talented and Gifted), English as a Second Language

Mrs. Kinnari Bhakta

Third Grade Teacher

Experience in Education:   Upon graduating from college, I met my husband and moved to Texas.  I began my official teaching career and gained my Master's in Elementary Education through Texas A & M. I have been teaching for 20 years. All of my experience has been with 3rd and 4th grade.

Background:  I grew up in sunny Southern California and take every chance I can get to visit my family back home. However, my heart is in Texas, as it is the birthplace of my two wonderful girls.

Interests:  I love the movie going experience with my favorite movie snack on hand...Crunch Bunch and Buttered Popcorn! I also love watching old TV shows over and over again. 

Even after 20 years, I love to teach my students, but even more so,  I love to listen and learn from my students.

"If God had wanted us to talk more than listenhe would have given us two mouths rather than two ears."-Ken Blanchard