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The mission of Family Education and Guidance Services is to strengthen all families in the community by providing education, resources and services which support rearing responsible, self-confident, emotionally healthy children in today’s complex society.

2017 Parenting Series

On-Line Parenting Classes in English

Bullying - Four Part Series
  1. Introduction
  2. The Bully
  3. The Bystander
  4. The Victim

On-Line Parenting Classes in Spanish

Clase para Padres en línea en Español


  1. Bully 1 - Matón 1
  2. Bully 2 - Matón 2
  3. Cyber Bullying - Acoso Cibernético

en Español


Family Education Services

Family Education Services offers a unique blend of services for students, families and campuses.  The menu includes parent education classes, family literacy, social services, adult education including GED, financial information, literacy, and court compliance programs, such as For Kids' Sake, Back to Basics and Truancy Prevention Boot Camp.

Elementary Guidance Services

The elementary guidance program in Plano ISD has a focus on academic success, personal and social growth (including personal safety), and career and college information.

The elementary counselors respond to student and family needs with the guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual planning, and system support.  The guidance curriculum components are self-confidence, motivation to achieve, decision-making (including goal-setting, planning, problem-solving skills), interpersonal effectiveness (including social skills), communication skills, cross-cultural effectiveness, and responsible behavior.

Elementary counselors deliver guidance lessons that support and promote the learning process.

Family Education and Guidance Services is located in the Allan K and Carolyn H Bird Education Center.

1300 19th Street , Plano, TX 75074
(469) 752-2272

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Executive Coordinator of Family Education and Guidance Services DeLynn Brennan (469) 752-2275
Office Manager Rina Nittolo (469) 752-2272

Coordinator - Hispanic Services

Juliette Echaniz (469) 752-2277

Parent Educator

Cynthia Garrison (469) 752-2281

Parent Educator Troslyn Mitchell (469) 752-2287

Coordinator - Literacy Programs Rosa Maria Crocker (469) 752-2278