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Clark High School Staff E-mail

Clark High School
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Staff E-mail

Administrators & Office Staff

  Name E-mail
Principal Janis Williams
Asst. Principal
A - Bro, AVID
Tracy Franco
Asst. Principal
Bru - Hey
Will Daniel
Asst. Principal
Hi - M, ESL
Reba Roberson
Asst. Principal
N - Z
Dr. Aquil Bayyan
Office Manager Sandi Welsh
Receptionist Sarah Davis
Attendance Secretary Maribel Jordan Martinez
Registrar Laura Gloege
Counselor A-Bro, AVID Krista Kent
Counselor Bru-Hey Patti Saucier
Counselor Hi-M Kevin Koger
Counselor N-Tj Nancy Garcia-Smith
Lead Counselor To-Z, ESL, Testing Coordinator Cindy Dakota
Counseling Secretary Heidi Hoyt
Nurse PhaikSee Chuah

Staff & Faculty

E-mail addresses are updated by the district annually.
Please check your school's website for the most current list.

First Name Last Name E-mail Address
Mona Abdelfattah
Louise Alexander
Reza Azizi
Natalie Bauerkemper
Aquil Bayyan
David Bearden
Marcus Bernabo
Anna Boadas-Virgili
Kristen Bothman
Callie Boykin
Lisa Boyle
Debora Bramlett
Laura Caffrey
Amber Carter
Daren Causey
Sophia Chang
Jason Chantaplin
Deborah Cherry
Kathryn Chesley

Phaiksee Chuah
Courtney Clark
Jared Cloud
Gary Cobbel
Stacie Collier
Darren Cooley
Lynne Crawford
Kimberley Cross
Cindy Dakota
Susan Daldin
Will Daniel
Bradly Davis
Sarah Davis
Kristen Dupree
Brian Eaton
Eric Feldman
Misty Felner
Wendy Folds
Tracy Franco
Bill Freeman
Casie Gall
Evelyn Gibson
Michelle Gibson
Dominique Gilbreath
Laura Gloege
Bill Gohmert

Hp Harris
Julia Hayter
Tracy Helms
Kyle Hercules
Nicholas Hill
Heidi Hoyt
Amy Johnson
Joan Johnson
Christopher Jones

Tara Jones
Cristine Jordan
Maribel Jordan Martinez
Tom Kailey
Jerrod Kay
Christine Keel
John Kell
Krista Kent
Ben Kilpatrick
Alan Klein
Kevin Koger
Christina Kraft
Stella Landers
Sharon Lee
Laura Lewis
MengYu Liao
Mallory Littlejohn
Ann Loeffler
Monica Luckey
James Lynch
Christine Lynd
Linda Martin
Thomas Martinez
Amanda Mathis
Mike Mathis
Lisa McLeroy
Lorena Meneses
Chad Moon
Melissa Moses
Robby Moy
Tom Myers
Nathan Nelson
Paula Neville
Lori Nicks
Harold Nutall
Leeann Ochs
Rick Palmer
Valary Patterson
Rachael Pavelean
Bethany Poston
Cheryl Potts
Ronnie Radford
Teresa Reeves
Kathleen Reitzel
Reba Roberson
Kara Rogers
Savannah Rubio
Mikel Salsgiver
Patti Saucier
Mary Scott
Michael Scott
Bonnie Serra
Reeta Shah
Diane Shoffstall
Farzana Sikora
Anna Skrivanek
Jordan Smith
Nancy Smith
Rachel Spiros
Nyla Stanley
Sherida Stone
Amanda Stromp
Timothy Sullivan
Marsha Thompson
Michael Tucker
James Tustin
Nicole Ubl
Kristie Ulibarri
Mitchell Vardeman
Nicole Vickerman
Allyson Wallace
Daphne Warren
Kristi Washington
Linda Weathers
Emily Webb
Melissa Wegleitner
Sandi Welsh
Alexis Wilkinson
Janis Williams
Blythe Wren-Barajas