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McMillen High School Staff E-mail

McMillen High School
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Performance Report
Staff E-mail

Administrators & Office Staff

  Name E-mail
Principal Brian Lyons
Assistant Principal Tracie Langford
Assistant Principal Eric Lockett
Administrative Intern James "JD" Dearing
Office Manager Vanessa Sanders
Counselor (A-F) Sarah Davidson
Counselor (G-M) Andrea Denuszek
Counselor (N-T) Tina Banks

Lead Counselor
(U-Z) and AVID

Ali Chase
Attendance Clerk Odi Yocum
Registrar Dana Rotramel

Jacqueline Schlumpf
Nurse Darla Coburn

Staff & Faculty

E-mail addresses are updated by the district annually.
Please check your school's website for the most current list.

First Name Last Name E-mail Address
Michael Abney
Ryan Albert
Frances Allday
Silvana Arroyo
Tina Banks
Cynthia Bell
Nicholas Blaine
Chris Brown
Mark Brown
Stratton Brown
Tim Bui
Molly Carter
Ali Chase
Jaye Chavez
Kristen Christie
Leslie Clements
Darla Coburn
Darrell Crews
Susan Daldin
Denetra Dancer
Sarah Davidson
James "JD" Dearing
Andrea Denuszek
Terry Denuszek
Brenda Dieterich
Lintrail Dukes
Stacie Elmquist
Maysaa Enaya
Sarah Fischer
Baltazar Flores
Patrick France
Michael Franklin
Sherika Gaines
Xenia Garcia-McClung
Norma Gard
Ingrid Goslin
Lonnie Green
Rachel Grinnell
Debbie Groot
Gail Gumm
Paula Ham
Ryan Henderson
Chole Hills
Jeff James
Kyle Johnson
Na'Keesha Jones
Devinder Kaur
Kamden Kneisel
Rhonda Kurtz
Lisa Lambert
Mark Lambert
Tracie Langford
Mengyu Liao
Robin Liesenfelt
Susan Lin
Michael Lloyd
Peri Lobue
Eric Lockett
Cassie London
Mary Long
Brent Love
Robin Love
Brian Lyons
Lori Lysobey
Kimberly Mabbott
Ashley Marshall
Damaso Martinez
Thomas Martinez
Adriana Martinez Gonzalez
Maria Mata-Gonzalez
Plereah Mayfield
Tami McCauley
Cole McLean
Karla Meggie
Inga Miller
Jason Miller
Craig Mims
Lyndsay Moncrief
Trang Nguyen
Danielle Noble
Olivia Price
Ryan Reza
Angie Ritchie
Judy Rochefort
Veronica Rodriguez
Maria Rohr
Dana Rotramel
Mark Rudd
Debra Sanders
Vanessa Sanders
Jacqueline Schlumpf
Lorraine Seawright
Richard Siewert
Rai Smith
Lenne Stricker
Laine Strusis-Wich
Kendall Tapp
Vernon Wallace
Vivian Watson
Tisa Weaver
Marc Wilson
Robin Woodard
Diane Worman
Odelia Yocum