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Plano Senior High School Staff E-mail

Plano Senior High School
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Performance Report

Staff E-mail

Administrators & Office Staff

  Name E-mail
Principal Sarah Watkins
Office Manager Jeri Wolfe
Receptionist Marie Young
Associate Principal
Pamela Clark
Associate Principal
Student Activities
Glenn Davis
Assistant Principal
Andrew Jacob
Assistant Principal
Karin Ball
Assistant Principal
Tracy Ryerson
Assistant Principal
Bryan Spiritus
Registrar Debbie Weiss
Guidance Director Lisa Brown
Counselor: A-Bai Susan Weiner
Cousenlor: Bak-Br Galen McCormack
Counselor: Bu-Dn Joel Brzezinski
Counselor: Do-G Nancy Erickson
Counselor: H-Kan Giovanna James
Counselor: Kao-Mat Junie Jones
Counselor: Mau-Pal Lance Davis
Counselor: Pam-Sal Grace Delgado
Counselor: Sam-Th Mark Hundley
Counselor: Ti-Z Becky Heslep
Counseling Secretary Patty Jo McCauley
Nurse Lisa Dexter

Staff & Faculty

E-mail addresses are updated by the district annually.
Please check your school's website for the most current list.

First Name Last Name E-mail Address
Dennis Adam
Tiffany Alvarez-Thurman
Gloria Andrade-Norris
Mandy Arnold
Karin Ball
Linda Bamback
Katherine Barker
Lyudmyla Barnard
Treg Barnard
Jason Barton
Rodney Belcher
Renee Birdsell
Anne Blois
Shalley Boles
Rachel Boudreux
Megan Bourgeois
Derrick Brookins
Jeff Brooks
Lisa Brown
Joel Brzezinski
Lori Calloway
Nathan Campbell
Tricia Cannon
Rachel Carlson
Sean Carpenter
Liz Carson
Tara Cesario
Martina Charlton
Mark Chilivetis
Melissa Choate
Dean Christian
Linda Clanton
Pam Clark
Brian Coatney
Matt Cone
Darren Cooley
Kendal Corder
Donna Costello
Ryan Cox
Carolyn Crawford
Cheryl Curran
Jason Curry
Randall Curry
Cassandra Dailey
Ami Dalal
Alexandra Damon
Glenn Davis
Lance Davis
Suzanne Day
Amy Dehdari
Mark DeHertogh
Grace Delgado
Lisa Dexter
Jackie Dillon
Veronica Dixon
Elizabeth Doyle
Kevin Dunagan
Erika Dupree
Natalie English
Nancy Erickson
Tim Eshleman
Chad Faith
Stefanie Faith
Stephanie Ferguson
Linda Filipski
Jacquelynn Foley
Jerri Freeman
Anna Kari Friberg
Wendy Friedman
Shauna Fry
Cynthia Gallatin
Allison Garrison
Sarah Gibson
Kevin Gilliam
Jacob Gimbel
Tomas Girma
Kyle Goodwin
Jori Gow
Brent Graham
Lori Greenho
Tristian Griffin
Tiffany Grimes Tiffany
Sabahat Gulam
Brandi Harlin
Loraleigh Harris
Christi Hawkins
Michael Hernandez
Becky Heslep
Brenda Hoffman
Sheila Holsinger
Susan Hott
Mark Hundley
Jose Hurtado
Debbie Hutchison
Aramy Ituarte Olivas
Andrew Jacob
Roderick Jacobs
Giovanna James
Robert Jefferson
Jennifer Johnson
Alexandria Jones
Junie Jones
Lisa Jones
Molly Koshatka
Rachael Kowalski
Melanie Kumar
Abby Lanford
Cliff Lazarine
Shanique Leonard
Steve Leonard
Jason Lewis
MaryJo Lewis
Xinyan Liu
Brittney Love
Danny Lozano
Steve Luthye
Phyllis Mabbitt
Kevin Magavern
Susanne Malins
Alex Marbukh
Mark Marshall
Anibal Martinez
Kevin May
Kim May
Patricia McCauley
James McCrary
Jaydon McCullough
Tex McCullough
Jackie McKnight
Katie McLean
Cassidy McQuiston
Jennifer Medina
Carson Meger
Michelle Mendoza
Stephanie Milby
Brittany Miller
Kimberly Miller
Teri Minnis
Jacqueline Mizeur
Joseph Molina
Marissa Moore
Sarah Moore
Jennifer Morbitt
Peggy Moreno
Heather Morse
Lance Morse
Kim Murphy
Candace Neal
Steven Nelms
Jane Nelson
Lisa Newby
Christine Oconnor
David Odell
Steve Okelley
Debbie O Reilly Debbie.O
Madeline Ortiz
Julie Pancake
Rebecca Parga
Nicole Parker-Beggs
Karan Parrack
Karen Pelkey
Kathryn Piatt
Justin Pipak
Molly Pipak
Wes Pippard
Cheryl Potts
Zach Price
Markell Province
Aimee Ratliff
Shannon Reczek
Patrice Reneau
Chris Reynolds
Carolina Reyt
Barry Rhoden
Marcus Richardson
Osmel RIves
Rick Robertson
Judy Roos
Sharon Rosborough
Tracy Ryerson
Tania Salamanca
Fred Sanders
Denise Schafer-Junger
Heidi Schubert
Lindsay Scott
Andy Serie
Scott Shaw
Gregory Shields
Robyn Shipley-Gerko
Jordan Smith
Raivon Smith
Joe Snider
Bob Solow
Samantha Spears
Stephanie Spilman
Bryan Spiritus
Sandra Spiritus
Kelly Stallings
Joey Stone
Deb Strecker
Kimberly Stuber
Gary Sullivan
Vanda Terrell
Robert Teta
Sheela Thomas
Steve Thomas
Danielle Thomasson
Katherine Thornton
Bonnie Turnbo
Shelby Turner
Jennifer Verdugo
Donna Voelk
Erin Walker
Meredith Walraven
Courtney Warner
Daphne Warren
Jennifer Waters
Sarah Watkins
Robert Watson
Debbie Weiss
Allison Welch
Haley White
Neal White
Donelle Wiechman
Tyler Wille
Shawn Williams
William Winrow
Jeri Wolfe
Kari Wolff
Brandon Womack
Bryan Yee
Ellen Yee
Jonathan Yee
Mark Yoder
Marie Young
Sara Zinck
Carrie Zuber