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Plano West Senior High School Staff E-mail

Plano West Senior High
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Performance Report

Staff E-mail

Administrators & Office Staff

  Name E-mail
Principal Kathy King
Associate Principal
Carl Herrmann
Associate Principal
Student Activities
Randy Hayes
Assistant Principal
Dr. Victor Nixon
Assistant Principal
Dr. Camica Evans-Brown
Assistant Principal
Dr. Kevin Lyons
Assistant Principal
Michael Cruz
Office Manager Danice Johnson
Registrar Anne Lehman
Assistant Registrar Mary Soumare
Receptionist Amber Beard
Guidance Director Ann Raidt
Counselor: A - Bul Randall Ford
Counselor: Bum-Dr Pam Frey
Counselor: Du-Han Joel Ledezma
Counselor: Hao-Kel Julie Tallant
Counselor: Kem-May Delinda Dudley
Counselor: Maz-Pas Mary Beth Randecker
Counselor: Pat-Sc Michelle Altom
Counselor: Se-Tr Christine Haskins
Counselor: Ts-Z    

Staff & Faculty

E-mail addresses are updated by the district annually.
Please check your school's website for the most current list.

First Name Last Name E-mail Address
Megan Adams
Dean Albertson
Michelle Altom
Robin Bailey
Tara Balogh
Barb Ballard
Karelyn Barkhurst
William Barkhurst
Aubrey Baxter
Amber Beard
Leeann Begis
Laura Blankenship
Shea Bowen
Kelly Brennan
Brittany Bridge
Trey Bryant
Emily Bryson
Ami Burgdorf
Nikki Cade
Jane Carlson
David Carroll
Helen Chuang
William Cheung
Robert Clark
Melissa Collett
Ronald Collinsworth
Kathryn Conklin
Kerri Connelly
Staci Cook
Shawn Coryell
Sarah Council
Daniel Cox
Robert Croman
Susannah Crumley
Michael Cruz
Joanne Cummings
Douglas Darracott
Sarah Depetris
Julie DeSousa
Hedy Di Sarro
Meghann Dodd
Jimmy Dowell
Julia Drake
Delinda Dudley
Francine Dupuis-Ho
Becky Elizondo
Judith Elliott
Elizabeth Ellis
Kelli English
Camica Evans-Brown
Walter Evarts
Oliver Ferenschuetz
Leighann Field
Adele Ford
Randall Ford
Pam Frey
Patrick Fulbright
Ryan Gafford
Sherrie Gardner
Puja Garg
Jeanine Gaston
Lillian Gifford
Celine Gomez
Clay Goodloe
Courtney Goree
Cristen Graf
John Graf
Kandice Granado
Alan Greider
Jerry Grizzle
Amy Gross
Kathy Hackett
David Hall
James Hannah
Leona Hardiman
Rick Hardison
Christine Haskins
Randy Hayes
Sarah Head
Janet Heck
Amanda Hellmann
Carl Herrmann
Stacha Hicks
Bobby Hillman
Tyrone Hodge
Lauren Hodum
Robert Holden
Mark Holladay
Brittany Hollis
Kathy Horn
Brenda Hudnall
Catherine Humphrey
Gabriela Hunter
Chad Hurst
Tracy Ishman
Richard Jablinski
Tanner Jacobs
Gay Jaynes
Danice Johnson
Katherine Johnson
Rosolayn Johnson
Skylar Johnson
Kris Jones
Jeremy Jordan
Christine Kinard
Ted Kincaid
Kathy King
Wesley Kirpach
Helmuth Kroog
Kristen Lazard
Joel Ledezma
Michael Ledsome
Anne Lehman
Kattie Leito
Nathan Leraas
Karen Lewis
Nancy Lewis
Heather Lindgren
John Lowrance
Steve Lowrey
Kevin Lyons
Nicole Lyssy
Deanna Martin
Sarah Mateo
Nicole Mayer
Rafe McCain
Joy McDaniel
Jacob McIntire
Katelin McKee
Sherry McLaughlin
Shannon McWilliams
Deborah Medearis
Leanne Mendez
Mike Mestan
Neil Milburn
Jodi Miller
Cynthia Mitchell
Megan Mobley
Rodney Mobley
Oscar Mojica
Anthony Morgan
Candy Morris
Barbara Nelson
Bonnie Neumann
Victor Nixon
Mariadelmar Ortiz
Chris Ostertag
Kristen Perry
Eric Petrinowitsch
Lynn Pettit
Jesse Pfeifer
Preston Pierce
Phillip Pitts
Amanda Poland
Emily Pool
Paula Powers
Suzette Prince
Belinda Pruitt
Ann Raidt
Heather Rambo
Marybeth Randecker
Valerie Reidling
Andrew Reinberg
Derrick Richardson
Michael Richter
Osmel Rives
Brian Robinson
Kristi Robinson
Najah Robinson
Allie Rogosheske
Heidi Roopmorland
Ryan Ross
Ryan Salinas
Aaron Sands
Akira Sato
John Schmerker
Hilda Scott
John Scott
Debra Sepp
Debbie Sewell
Rufus Sims
Cherie Smith
Rhonda Smith
Robert Solow
Mahpara Soomro
Mary Soumare
Samantha Spears
Phillip Stager
Carrie Stevens
Nila Stewart
Sheryl Sutphen
Norv Sykes
Galina Tabanian
Julie Tallant
Amanda Tambourine
Olivia Tanksley
Alan Tapia
Kristin Taylor
Ashley Thornhill
Allen Tutton
Stephen Tyler
David Vanderven
Morgen Walker
Mike Walta
Andrew Wang
Vivian Wang
Kari Watson
Greg Williams
Jeffrey Wolfe
Kelley Wonsmos
Jiang Wu