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Shepton High School Staff E-mail

Shepton High School
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Staff E-mail

Administrators & Office Staff

  Name E-mail
Principal William McLaughlin
Assistant Principal    
Assistant Principal Matt Conrad
Assistant Principal Nataushe Sibbaluca
Assistant Principal    
Assistant Principal Ellie Murphy
Academic Specialist Rachel Fulton
Office Manager Linda Davis
Attendance Jane Bingham
Lead Counselor:
Jane Clanahan Jane.Clanahan
Counselor A-C Susan Weiner
Counselor: D-H Angie Novak
Counselor: I-Mo Christy Maples

Counselor: Mp-Sh

Mai Cai Boxrz
Counselor: Si-Z Erick Andrade
Nurse Jan Farmer

Staff & Faculty

E-mail addresses are updated by the district annually.
Please check your school's website for the most current list.

First Name Last Name E-mail Address
Matt Abouk
Chalmer Adams
Odilia Alqaq
Estela Alvardo
Erick Andrade
Marcie Ashford
Bronson Aspen
Jeffrey Banner
William Barron
Janis Bates
Lauren Bearden
Carrie Bell
Jane Bingham
Melissa Blank
Debbie Boerner
Rachel Boone
Stephanie Brady
Eddie Brown
Amy Brown
Ryan Bryson
Mai Caiboxrz
Pamela Carpenter
Brandon Carpenter
Shelby Chesnut
Jane Clanahan
Andrew Coleman
Bryan Cortimilia
Laura Darce
Linda Davis
Taylor Davis
Agustin Delarosa
Debbie Dempsky
Mickalena Dukes
Ani Dunstone
Laylee Emadismith
Julio Enriquez
Jan Farmer
Brick Field
Tiffany Fields
Steve Ford
Elizabeth Forneris
Claire Frost
Rachel Fulton
Crystal Gaddie
Ian Garcia
Janie Gilkison
Sarah Glaser
Kay Glawe
Audra Glidewell
Clay Goodloe
Tricia Griffin
Sandra Halsey
Christopher Hammer
Marcus Harris
Linda Havins
Deborah Heineman
Anna Henicke
David Herring
Orlando Hill
Lauren Holloway
Chad Hurst
Katrina Johnson
Angela Kelly
Kathleen Knight
Summer Konneker
Leslie Lamastus
Nicholas Larocca
Shand Laughlin
Ining Lee
Kim Lerwick
Melanie Lin
Jennifer Lorilla
Lynn Loughry
Christy Maples
Yolanda Marvin
Darion McCoy
Carmen McElwain
Craig McKinney
Ted McKown
Mallory Miner
Kevin Moore
Ellie Murphy
Eric Neal
Angie Novak
Charles Ostertag
Gina Page
Kimberly Pasar
Melissa Pierce
Mary Piggot
Sarah Pittman
Stephanie Rausch
Mandy Reeves
Sara Reidlinger
Jillian Reilly
Amy Rivera
Yanexy Rodriguez
Kristin Rosi
Linda Ross
Susan Schackman
Erin Scherr
Caleb Senbayrak
Debra Sepp
Mandy Shapiro
Deanna Shea
Zach Shirley
Nataushe Sibbaluca
Monica Sisson
Amanda Smith
Lisa Snyder
Lisa Stelter
Karen Stephens
Amy Stone
Bruce Strong
Jeff Sullivan
Brittni Svatek
Dennis Teubner
Joshua Thompson
Brittany Trevino
Rianna Turner
Greg Vanderzant
Kristopher Van Huss
Chelsea Winbush
Karen Wrigley
Jamie Zellner