• Plano ISD LOTE Vision

    The Plano ISD Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Department empowers students to communicate within and contribute to the global community.

  • Plano ISD LOTE Mission

    The Languages Other Than English department merges a natural approach with a proficiency-focused and performance-based curriculum. 

    In order to fulfill the mission of the Plano ISD, the Languages Other Than English department believes that:

    • Second language acquisition should be learner-centered.
    • Instruction should be driven by learning targets based on state and national standards.
    • Effective communication in the target language is the ultimate goal.
  • Plano ISD LOTE Preferred Instructional Practices

    Inspired by the ACTFL Core Practices, members of the Plano ISD LOTE curriculum and assessment design team created the PISD LOTE Preferred Instructional Practices.  These six practices serve as the compass for professional learning and instructional planning to help our students reach their proficiency goals.  The PISD LOTE Preferred Instructional Practices are listed below.  Click each one to read more on the topic.