• Please use the green link below to start the funding request process. 





    Please read through the paperwork carefully and make sure all fields are filled in. When completing the AES form to find out the rate of pay, hover over the ? to find the amounts to be used for the form. When uploading the DIP or CIP, make sure the image is readable.  When it asks for your supervisor's name, make sure to type it in the open field box. Once submitted, your direct supervisor will receive an email to approve this request. But wait, you aren’t done just yet. Once your supervisor approves, the forms will automatically be sent to us. This would be the time for us to reach out to you in case we have any questions or need anything else. If the paperwork looks good, then we will take it through the approval process. Remember, we have a lot of eyes looking at our paperwork, so please submit your paperwork 4 weeks in advance.


    If you have started to fill out your paperwork and you find yourself unable to finish it in one setting, please remember you will be able to save the forms as a draft. Once you do that, it will automatically send you the link to your email. That way you can click on it when you are ready to finish it. We ask that you make sure to complete the drafts in a timely manner. If you take a long time to complete the form and leave the form open and don’t use the Save to Draft button, then the form will time out and you will have to start the process over.  


    Remember you are the “requester” so  make sure to fill in your name when you see that box.


    Once your request has been approved, you will receive an email from Rosaura Bauman- Title I or Cindy Klapper- Title II&IV letting you know what your next steps are. Remember, you cannot book or make any arrangements until you have heard from our office about your next steps and/or a PO is in place.


    Thank you for helping us stay in compliance! 


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