• Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardians,

    This year your child will be asked to set a personal goal of reading forty books during the school year. In order to complete this goal, it is important that they read for at least

    twenty minutes each night. Furthermore, research supports nightly reading. It has been found that students who read for at least twenty minutes every night are often your top achievers in school; I want your child to be successful in school, but also develop a life-long love of reading. This challenge will help your child achieve both goals!

    In order for a child to achieve this challenge, it is important that they have support at home.

     Listed are ways that you can help:

    • Encourage your child to read daily.
    • Celebrate their reading accomplishments. It is OKAY that they do not achieve the forty book challenge. If you know that your child only read two books last year, and this year they read five, that is great growth and should be celebrated.
    • Talk about books. Share your favorites that you had as a child.
    • Read too! Parents can take this challenge too. 
    • Take your child to the library (or bookstore) to explore new and exciting titles.


    Thank you for your support!


    Mrs. Broussard