• First Grade

  • Reading

    Our first graders will be focusing on many different objectives. At Hunt Elementary we love reading! It is integrated into every day. Our reading program deals with learning different reading strategies such as decoding words, using phonics, sight words, and comprehension skills. Reading is an interactive process that deals with story content, and the structure of the language.

  • Math

    The mission of the Plano Independent School District mathematics program is to promote the learning of mathematics by all students through a curriculum that is coherent and comprehensive. The instructional program in first grade works to help all students to understand and use mathematics in an increasingly technological world.

  • Social Studies and Science

    First grade will also be teaching our science and social studies curricula. Social studies lessons are woven into our languages arts program. We are able to read and learn about many different famous people from our history, study our government structure and even learn about our economy.

    In science we also have many different units of study. One notable inclusion in our program is  Engineering ! We utilize the Engineering Is Elementary program to learn basic engineering fundamentals to build structures such as walls and windmills. Along with this program we also learn about first grade, discover the many cycles that exist in our environment, like weather. We will apply our oral and written skills as we learn about the different modes of communication.

Tania Bannister
1st Grade
Jennifer Grether
1st Grade