• Fifth Grade

Cheryl Adame
5th Grade
Felecia Maness
5th Grade
Kimberly Parker
5th Grade
Richard Woodard
5th Grade



  • Social Studies Overview

    United States history with an emphasis on Colonization, immigration, citizenship, and using maps.

  • Math Overview

    The program provides opportunities for students to value mathematics, to become confident in their ability to do mathematics, and stresses the importance of experiences that relate mathematics to the real world. The curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and is designed to build basic understandings in number, operations, and quantitative reasoning; patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking; geometry and spatial reasoning; measurement; and probability and statistics. Problem solving, language and communication, connections within and outside mathematics and formal and informal reasoning underlie all content areas.

  • Language Arts Overview

    The language arts program provides balanced instruction in reading and writing. This program ties phonics, spelling, and language skills to connected texts in reading and writing. This integrated language arts curriculum connects all aspects of phonics/word study, vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, and writing in a meaningful context. The scope and sequence provides for instruction that meets the various needs of individual students and is designed to promote acceleration in the language arts.

  • Science Overview

    Fifth grade units include:

                   Introduction to Science


                   Force, Motion, and Energy

                   Earth’s Surface


                   Energy Sources

                   Weather and Water

                   Organisms and Environments