Mrs. Lasma Jekabsone-Berrouet



Degrees and Certifications:

- Principal Certificate, Lamar University - Master's in Mathematics, Texas A&M University- Central Texas - BBA in International Business, Florida International University

Mrs. Lasma Jekabsone-Berrouet

Mrs. Berrouet was born and raised in Strenci, Latvia. From the early days she enjoyed school and learning. A basketball scholarship brought her over to the U.S., more specifically, Miami, FL where she spent the next 4 years studying at Florida International University and playing division I basketball. FIU was a diverse place where lifelong friendships were made, and also where Mrs. Berrouet met her future husband Richard.

After graduating, Mrs. Berrouet spent a couple of years playing pro-basketball in Euroleague: Naples, Italy and Riga, Latvia.

Mrs. Berrouet returned to Texas in 2009 and dived into her passion of teaching and coaching. She is a proud army wife and together with her husband they are raising their two sons Benjamin (8) and Collin (5), and their family pet, a male chihuahua ChaCha (9)... She is living her dream of impacting kids' lives, caring about others and having a meaningful life.

Mrs. Berrouet enjoys being outdoors, spending time with her boys and facetiming with her family from Europe.