My name is Sumer Aljabari, and I will teach 6th grade ELAR. This is my fifth year in education! I taught, 4th, 6th, and 7th grade! My degree is from The University of Texas at Dallas in interdisciplinary studies and English major. I also hold two associate degrees, one in science and the second in Arts. I am pursuing my M.Ed. in Advanced Studies.


  • As a teacher, I want my students to take initiative in their learning and know that the classroom is where they can show their best ability in the safe space of making mistakes and learning! I use collaboration, passion, a listening ear, understanding, and, most importantly, the art of motivation!

    I wholeheartedly believe that knowledge is endless, we have something to learn every day, and I want to install that in my students to help them carry a growth mindset in their educational path! Teaching is my passion; my favorite part is when students grow and excel in understanding the content!
    I look forward to teaching your child!


    Email:- sumer.aljabari@pisd.edu

    P:-  469-752-6230