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    Art 1: Introduction to Art 

    Art 1 is an introductory art class that introduces students to the elements of art and principles of design, giving them a foundation that allows for appropriate use of art vocabulary when describing personal works of art. Students will explore a variety of media, such as drawing techniques, color theory, and sculpture. Students will discuss the expressive properties of artworks such as meaning, narrative, message, and symbol. Students will be introduced to art history and culture by exploring artistic styles, historical periods, and a variety of cultures.

    Art 2: 2D Art 2: 3D 

    Art 2 is designed to allow students to expand visual literacy skills using critical thinking and imagination. The student uses what he or she sees, knows, and has experienced as sources for examining, understanding, and creating original artworks. Students will respond to and analyze artworks of self and others in order to develop critical evaluation and response skills. Students will study art history, art criticism, and aesthetics in art to gain an understanding of important historical and cultural relevance of the visual arts.

    2D Semester: the study and creation of art in two-dimensions. Students will work with the elements and principles of design and technique in drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, collage, and printmaking. Materials will include pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolor, tempera paint, etc. 

    3D Semester: the study and creation of art in three-dimensions. Students will work with the elements and principles of design and technique in various sculpture techniques in ceramics, wire, paper, cardboard, plaster, etc. This course may be taken as an individual semester of 2D or 3D. However, for students wishing to experience both 2D and 3D, students should consider taking both semesters.

    Art 3: Advanced Art 

    Advanced Art is designed for students who demonstrate exceptional skill and have a desire to further their advancement in the study of art in the various mediums. Students will experience techniques in two-dimensional and three-dimensional, as well as explore advanced ideas in art history, art criticism, and aesthetics. Students will develop their art portfolio and prepare for high school art. Enrollment is by teacher approval.

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