• Clark Wildcats - Want To Start A Student Club?


    There are two types of clubs for students:

    • Curricular Clubs which are linked to specific curricular content. These clubs stay current each year.
    • Non-Curricular Clubs which are student-initiated and driven. These clubs start over each year since they are driven by the interest of our current student body.

    How to Start A Club

    1. Determine your interest and the club you would like to start.
    2. Locate a teacher on campus that will serve as your sponsor.
    3. The sponsor should touch base with Ms. Banaban to help determine if the club is a curricular or non-curricular club. If the club is non-curricular, the student will need to submit the Non Curricular Club Form. If the club is curricular, the teacher will submit the Curricular Club form. Only the teacher has access to this page and form.
    4. The Sponsor will receive an email with a link to complete the form.
    5. After the teacher and student complete the form, it will come to the front office for our approval, and you are done with your part unless there is something wrong. If needed, the form will be sent back to the student or sponsor with instructions on how to correct it.

    How to have multiple sponsors:
             Only 1 sponsor will sign the form. Additional sponsors can be added in the comments section.

    Curricular Clubs – Sponsors will use this link:

    Request To Organize and Meet (Curricular) 

    The curricular club request must be submitted by the sponsor (only 1 sponsor will sign). If there is more than 1 sponsor, additional sponsor’s information can be added in the comments field. Please make sure all information is complete before submitting.

    Non-Curricular Clubs – Students will initiate the club request with this link:

    Request To Organize and Meet (Non-Curricular)

    The form will direct the requestor to the specific areas that need to be completed.

    Sponsors will not receive an email to prompt them when there is a request for their approval. A best practice would be to have the student send the sponsor an email when they submit a club request.

    To complete these forms, sponsors will go to the Laserfiche Forms app on their Webdesk. Once opened, click on Windows Authentication. They will see the form in My Tasks. Complete and sign the form and click on submit so it can go through the approval process.

    Page 2 (Sponsor’s Acknowledgment of Role/Responsibility) has been added to the Laserfiche electronic form for the sponsor to sign.

    If a student or sponsor needs any assistance, please reach out to:

    John Lowrance
    Assistant Principal
    469-752-7200 Ext: 27211