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    Connecting with your Counselor- Fall 2020

    Clark Counselors are looking forward to continuing our work with students.  We have implemented procedures designed to protect the health and safety of everyone involved while still keeping our focus on serving students and families:

    1. The best way to reach your counselor is by email.  All PISD students have an email account assigned to them that can be accessed through the Webdesk (http://webdesk.pisd.edu).  Students are encouraged to check their email regularly as this will be the primary way that counselors send messages to students.   
    2. We encourage students and parents to make appointments with the counselor whenever possible.  This will help limit the number of people in our offices and maintain social distancing.  Counselors can set up phone and/or online virtual meetings with students and parents as well. 
    3. QR codes have been placed all around campus to help students connect with their counselor.  
    4. If you are here on campus and you need to see your counselor immediately, please ask your teacher for permission. 

    Enrollment Information:

    At this time, all enrollments of new students will be virtual. If you need to enroll a student, you can begin the online process at by clicking here. Once enrollment forms & documents have been received (either electronically or by mail) and have been processed by our office, you will be contacted about a virtual appointment for course selection. We look forward to meeting you soon!

    You may also contact your student’s counselor for additional information or guidance with this process.


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