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Student and Pasar employee

PASAR is Plano ISD's after-school care program for students in grades K-5, located on all elementary campuses.  Students must be enrolled at the school where they are particpating in PASAR. PASAR is a fee-based program offered after the curriculum and instructional school day. Fees must be prepaid for student participation in the program

PASAR provides a safe and positive environment. Opportunities are given for students to work on homework, and participate in structured recreational and fine arts activities to enhance their overall skill development.

Early Release:  PASAR will start immediately after school on early release days. There is no additional charge for PASAR on the PISD early release days.

For more information about Holiday Care please visit the Holiday Care webpage for sign up dates and cluster schools. PASAR offers care on PISD school holidays, please visit the Holiday  Care page for information on cluster schools sites, days that we offer holiday care and sign-up deadline dates.


  • Registration will begin July 29 at 8 AM online inside the Parent Portal.
  • All students – returning and new – must enroll each year.
  • Below are these PASAR links:
  • Instructions on How to Enroll My Student in PASAR
  • Instructions on How to Make a PASAR Payment
  • 2016-17 PASAR Fee Chart
  • 2016-17 Agreement of Services
  • Please know:  Making a payment does not enroll your student(s) in PASAR; enrollment must occur first.
  • New students to Plano ISD must be enrolled in the district before they can enroll in PASAR.
  • Remember to enroll all students in the family in the same online session in order to receive the multi-student discounted registration fees.
  • The Start Date chart below provides deadline dates to enroll and date(s) available for students to begin PASAR at the beginning of school. To begin PASAR on the 1st day of school (Aug. 22), enrollment must occur by 5 PM on August 17.

Deadline Dates to Enroll in PASAR – for Beginning of School

If enrollment occurs:

Student can begin PASAR on:

*No later than 5 PM on Aug 17

August 22 (1st day of school)

On August 18 - 21

August 23, or later date, as needed

On August 22 - 23

August 25, or later date, as needed

On August 24 - 27

August 29, or later date, as needed

On August 28 - 29

August  31, or later date, as needed

On August 30, and going forward

Two calendar days later, or later date, as needed

                  * IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  To begin PASAR on the 1st day of school, student

must be enrolled in PASAR no later than 5 PM on Wednesday, August 17

For questions -- Call Finance Office-PASAR

(469) 752-8915


  2016 Summer PASAR Information

  1. Online Summer PASAR enrollment will begin May 23 through the Parent Portal.
  2. Enrollment is limited for each week.
  3. All summer enrollments, including adding weeks, will occur online inside the Parent Portal.
  4. Cancellation of summer weeks cannot be made online – only enrollment can occur online.
  5. Instructions --- How to Cancel Summer Week(s) after enrollment/payment online has occurred:
    • The customer must complete the Summer Cancellation form found on the PASAR website following the instructions found on top of the form to submit to the finance office by the established deadline.  [No Photos Accepted.]
    • A credit will be issued to the customer’s account.  The credit may remain on the account to be used for next year’s tuition or drop in fund deposit. 
    • To request a refund of the credit issued, the customer must complete and follow the instructions found on top of the Request for Refund form found on the PASAR website. [No Photos Accepted.]
    • >>Please Know -- The canceled week payment cannot be used for another week of summer since enrollment and payment for summer must occur online for enrollment to be successful.


2016 Summer PASAR Fee Chart    

How to Enroll My Student in Summer PASAR

For questions -- Call Finance Office-PASAR

(469) 752-8915



PASAR Care Hours

  • Monday through Thursday 2:45 - 6:30 p.m.
  • Friday 2:45 - 6:00 p.m
  • Late charges will apply to any late pick up.
  • These hours apply to ALL PASAR Care including Holiday Care provided on Fridays.

Department of Family and Protective Servies Exemption Information

Texas Human Resources Code (HRC) §42.041 relating to "Required License", lists these facilities. Click here to find the list of facilities and their specific requirements on pages 3 to 5 of publication "Regulation of Certain Facilities, Homes, and Agencies that Provide Child-Care Services", published by DFPS.


Contact Us

PASAR Program: (469) 752-3782

PASAR Finance: (469) 752-8915