• 2018-19 PASAR Registration Available Online Thursday, July 26, 8:30 AM.

    PASAR Registration Information

    1. Review the Start Date Chart.
    2. After enrolling your student, you must log on to the Parent Portal and pay tuition (or Drop-in deposit).  These payments are due prior to 5 PM Wednesday, August 8, to start the first day of school (8/13/18). Otherwise, payments are due before your student's start date as selected at time of online enrollment.
    3. Please know:  Making a payment does not enroll your student(s) in PASAR; enrollment must occur first.
    4. All students - returning and new - must enroll each year.
    5. New students to Plano ISD must be enrolled in the district before they can enroll in PASAR.
    6. Below are these PASAR links:   Important -- Must use Google Chrome when enrolling in PASAR and making PASAR payment.


    • During the enrollment process, on the enroll/edit page the "Special accommodations are required for my child" box is visible. If your child requires special accommodations you must contact the Zone Leader in charge of your PASAR campus.  Please visit the staff contacts page prior to enrollment to speak to the Zone Leader.  

    Important Information to Know:

    A start date of the 1st – 15th of any month, a full month’s tuition will be charged.  A start date of the 16th – last day of any month, a half month’s tuition will be charged.

    For questions --  e-mail the Finance Office-PASAR financeofficepasar@pisd.edu

    • Regular Plan is every day care and a monthly fee is charged. This includes care for early release days but does not include PASAR Holiday Care days. The monthly tuition amount is based on the number of school days with the total fee divided into nine equal payments for September through May. No monthly fee is charged for August and June PASAR Care days.
    • Drop-in Plan is offered only during the school year. This plan provides care when needed and is scheduled with the site staff. This plan requires a $150 drop-in deposit payment per student prior to student's start date entered online by the parent at the time of registration. It is the responsibility of the parent/customer to keep track of the drop-in attendance. When payments are made, the payment must include the balance due, plus all days attended but not billed, plus the $150 minimum deposit per student to replenish funds in account for future attendance.
    • Holiday Care is optional and additional fees are charged for this care.  NEW for 2018-19:  Holiday Care enrollment must be completed online inside the Parent Portal.  Payment in full is required for each session at time of online enrollment (cannot sign up for individual days).  Each session includes all days for each specific holiday care session. 

    We value our customers and the students we serve. We know there are other after school care options in our area. We thank you for choosing PASAR as your child's after school care provider.



    2018-19 PASAR Start Dates

    The start date for PASAR students is determined by student enrollment date as listed below:

    August 8 no later than 5 p.m. (CST) - student may begin PASAR on August 13 (1st day of school).

    August 9-12 - student may begin PASAR on August 14, or later date, as needed.

    August 13-14 - student may begin PASAR on August 16, or later date, as needed.

    August 15-18 - student may begin PASAR on August 20, or later date, as needed.

    August 19-21  - student may begin PASAR on August 23, or later date, as needed.

    August 22 and going forward  - student may begin PASAR two days later, or later date, as needed.