• PASAR Finance Contacts

    Please contact our office so we may assist you if you have questions or concerns about:

    • Enrolling your student
    • Changing your student's enrollment
    • Withdrawing your student from PASAR
    • All other enrollment and financial questions or concerns

    Finance Specialists

    The PASAR Finance Zone Specialists listed below serve PASAR customers based on the beginning letter of the customer's last name.

    Chatney Roberts - Last names beginning A-M
    469-752-3890 | Chatney.Roberts@pisd.edu

    Cindy Klapper - Last names beginning N-Z
    469-752-3889 | Cindy.Klapper@pisd.edu

    PASAR Finance Administrative Staff:

    Becky Woodard, PASAR Finance Manager
    469-752-3882 | Becky.Woodard@pisd.edu

    Judy Humphrey, PASAR Finance Analyst
    469-752-3883 | Judy.Humphrey@pisd.edu

  • Important Notice
    Plano ISD Board of Trustees policy promotes mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among district employees, parents and the public. The district encourages positive communication and discourages volatile, hostile, or aggressive actions. The district seeks and encourages patrons to cooperate with this endeavor. (Reference PISD Board Policy GKA (LOCAL).